Pubdate: Fri, 23 Aug 2002
Source: Salisbury Post (NC)
Copyright: 2002 Post Publishing Co.
Author: Raymond C. Creason
Bookmark: (Incarceration)


Some while back, I read a letter in the Post commenting on why the North 
Carolina Department of Corrections was the only state tax-supported agency 
that had to advertise job openings. The letter indicated bad management.

I'm a prisoner of the war on drugs (non-violent), with a 65-year prison 
sentence. I've come to the conclusion from past sentences I've read in your 
paper that I could have murdered five people and possibly gotten less time 
by pleading guilty to second-degree murder and receiving about 12 years per 

In any event, I'm confined along with about 30,000 others in this 
tax-funded agency. Since most of us have -- along with our relatives and 
friends -- paid taxes, which are appropriated by the General Assembly to 
operate this department, how can they legally charge a $10 so-called 
administrative fee for a rule-infraction conviction and a medical fee of $3 
for being sick?

Since most prisoners are broke, without cash to pay, they place a lien on 
our records. Some prisoners have been without funds for years, and if a 
relative or friend sends $10 for a birthday present, the Department of 
Corrections takes it.

Raymond C. Creason, Piedmont Correctional Center
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