Pubdate: Fri, 23 Aug 2002
Source: San Francisco Chronicle (CA)
Copyright: 2002 Hearst Communications Inc.
Author: Jody Bloomquist, Ari Levenfeld, Hilda Bernstein, Dan LaFever, and 
Ed Rose
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It's about time! Maybe now the Bush Administration will realize their folly 
in prosecuting people for marijuana possession, especially in California 
and other states where the voters have said that they don't agree with the 
federal drug policies regarding marijuana use.

Jody Bloomquist, Castro


England is making a logical decision. There is plenty of evidence regarding 
the benefits derived from cannabis, ranging from helping people with 
glaucoma to cancer patients. Once you get past the stigma that goes along 
with the word "drug" it's amazing that more countries don't decriminalize 
this medicinal herb.

Ari Levenfeld, Ingleside


Smart. If we weren't such hypocrites we'd do the same thing here. Instead 
we make criminals of users, spend taxpayers' money filling jails and prisons.

Hilda Bernstein, Japantown


That depends. Are they intending to embarrass the U.S. with regards to our 
policy? Or are their reasons justified because they don't have quite the 
same problem regarding rampant use and abuse as the United States does? 
But, most importantly, do they have educational and treatment support 
systems in place? If anything, I would think that would be priority one 
before legalization can occur.

Dan LaFever, Chinatown


I see it as a very enlightened move by a very civilized society. As long as 
alcoholism and its attendant woes (drunk driving injuries and deaths, etc.) 
continue to plague us, I find it very hard to justify criminalizing 
marijuana. England seems to have taken a sensible path in recognizing the 
difference between casual personal use and dealing at a high level. Of 
course, there's an inherent hypocrisy here, as the casual users must obtain 
the product somewhere.

Perhaps the next logical step is to legalize and tax it, much like alcohol 
and tobacco.

Ed Rose, Haight
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