Pubdate: Thu, 22 Aug 2002
Source: Shepherd Express (WI)
Copyright: 2002 Alternative Publications Inc.
Author: Jerome Mc Collom


President Bush talks about the need for states to decide for themselves 
their own policies without interference from government, but he has opposed 
medical marijuana laws approved by the voters in a number of states such as 
California, Arizona, Oregon, etc.

He also opposed assisted suicide laws for those in horrible pain in Oregon. 
He is trying to cap malpractice and tort limits nationwide. He has shown 
support for overriding state environmental regulations with weaker federal 
regulations. This is the honest and ethical president we can look up to, as 
Republicans say? Sure, he is just as ethical as that other honest 
Republican president, "tricky" Dick Nixon.

Jerome Mc Collom; Milwaukee
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