Pubdate: Wed, 21 Aug 2002
Source: The Monitor (TX)
Copyright: 2002 The Monitor
Author: Suzanne Wills
Referenced: Drug Policy Forum of Texas


To the editor:

Last year, the King County, Wash., Bar Association, in conjunction with the 
medical society in King County, did a drug policy study. They determined 
that the most important objectives of a drug policy should be:

* Enhanced public order and reduced crime. * Improved public health. * 
Protection of children. * Efficient use of scarce public resources.

Their report concluded that "The War on Drugs has not only failed to 
fulfill any of these objectives, but also has exacerbated the very problems 
it was designed to address." You are quite right to support change.

The war on drugs benefits formidable special interests and remains in place 
for that reason only. The special interests include every federal agency, 
the defense industry, the prison industry, law enforcement, the drug 
testing industry, the drug treatment industry, the home security industry, 
the tobacco and liquor industries, the media, the pharmaceutical industry 
and, of course, the international illicit drug cartels.

I am certain that Byron D. Cagle ("Stupid to back legalization," Aug. 15) 
earns his living in one of these areas. Fear of losing his livelihood is 
the only logical reason for such a hysterical, illogical defense of the 
status quo.

SUZANNE WILLS Drug Policy Forum of Texas, Dallas
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