Pubdate: Wed, 21 Aug 2002
Source: Decatur Daily (AL)
Copyright: 2002 The Decatur Daily
Author: Holly Hollman


Incident Leaves Man Partially Paralyzed

ATHENS -- The shooting of an alleged drug dealer Monday resulted from four 
customers trying to trade him fake marijuana for cocaine, Sheriff Mike 
Blakely said.

The four allegedly went to the home of Shay Farris, 23, of 21134 Mitchell 
Lane in the Cross Key community, and offered to swap a leafy substance for 
cocaine, Blakely said.

Farris and Maurio Jadell Thatch, 22, of 1700 Old Madison Pike, Apartment 
16, Madison, fought about the attempted trickery, and Thatch allegedly shot 
Farris in the neck and leg, Chief Investigator Stanley McNatt said. 
Investigators say Thatch was armed with a .32-caliber handgun that he used 
to shoot Farris. The shooting left Farris partially paralyzed. He remains 
in Huntsville Hospital.

"According to the interviews we've conducted thus far, Thatch was the 
shooter," McNatt said. "He had a gun and apparently managed to get Farris' 
gun from him. He wound up with both and then discarded them."

Authorities charged Thatch with attempted murder and first-degree criminal 
mischief for allegedly setting the getaway car on fire. Authorities also 
charged two others who were with Thatch, Courtney Terrell, 25, of 118 Ash 
St., Athens, and Kanesia Makaia Lane, 18, of 20057 Alabama 127, Athens, 
with attempted murder. No bond is set.

Investigators are searching for the fourth suspect, James Johnson of Harvest.

Blakely said Lane allegedly set up the drug deal between Thatch and Farris. 
After the shooting, she called the Sheriff's Department from a pay phone 
and said some men forced her to participate, Blakely said. She gave the 
names of several men she claimed were involved. Blakely said her phone call 
was a ruse. He said one is "just as guilty as the other." Authorities also 
charged Farris' girlfriend, Christie Lee White, 23, of 21134 Mitchell Lane, 
with trafficking in cocaine. White was at the house during the shooting, 
but was not involved in the shooting, Blakely said. He said he charged her 
because investigators found four ounces of cocaine in a car on the carport. 
Blakely said White tried to hide some cocaine by throwing it out into the yard.
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