Pubdate: Wed, 21 Aug 2002
Source: SF Weekly (CA)
Contact:  2002 New Times Inc
Author: Tom Flynn
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Note: The Diet Coke line was added by SF Weekly editors.


As long as they don't test for diet Coke:

Thanks to Matt Smith for pointing out the dire threat to civilization caused
by drug-using professional athletes, and thus the urgent need for
government-mandated drug tests ["This Is Your Sport, on Dope," Aug. 7]. I'm
sure the DEA and FBI would be glad to offer their expert assistance in
setting up such a testing program and in enforcing the appropriate criminal
penalties. Keeping in mind that, among other things, these tests search for
such known performance enhancers as ephedrine and marijuana, I assume Matt
Smith would fully support mandatory drug tests (and subsequent criminal
prosecutions after testing positive) for professional journalists as well? 

Tom Flynn

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