Pubdate: Tue, 20 Aug 2002
Source: Eau Claire Leader-Telegram (WI)
Copyright: 2002 Eau Claire Press
Author: John A. Jones


Drugs are a big part of the growing incarceration rate. People commit 
crimes to support there drug use. People get killed over drugs because of 
someone who didn't pay their drug dealer on time, or maybe just a drug deal 
gone bad.

People who use drugs steal or rob to get a fix. We should just throw them 
in prison, right? Wrong. We should help!

Why? People use drugs because something in our lives is not right. Maybe we 
have a family member we don't get along with, or a death we can't deal 
with, or it could just be that we tried a drug and became addicted to it 
and now we can't get away from it. It's a disease just like cancer or AIDS.

I write this because I'm a drug addict and I've done a lot of bad things to 
support my addiction. I want help and I know from experience that prison is 
not a cure, because there are just as many drugs in prison as out of prison.

I want help, and I know that so many other addicted people want help, too. 
Help us; don't imprison us.

John A. Jones

Eau Claire County Jail
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