Pubdate: Sun, 18 Aug 2002
Source: Rapid City Journal (SD)
Contact:  2002 The Rapid City Journal
Author: Ruth Milne


Opium and its relative, heroin, are illegal, and rightly so. They are highly
addictive and generally deadly. However, opiates such as codeine and
morphine, just as addictive and deadly, are available by prescription.

Marijuana, which is far less dangerous than alcohol, is illegal. That is the
government's decision and citizens must live by it. However, studies show
that marijuana, taken under the direction and care of a doctor, helps those
suffering from the effects of chemotherapy. It is only available by
prescription in a few states.

Why are people making such a protest over medicinal marijuana, when use of
medicinal opium is so much more widespread?

People have their priorities all wrong. First, get those dying people off
their evil morphine (those junkies!); then go after cancer patients who use
marijuana to keep from vomiting every time they eat.

Proponents of medicinal marijuana are as much concerned with legalizing
recreational pot as doctors who prescribe morphine are with legalizing

Ruth Milne,

Rapid City
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