Pubdate: Thu, 08 Aug 2002
Source: Boulder Weekly (CO)
Copyright: 2002 Boulder Weekly
Author: M. Alberts


Thanks, Boulder Weekly, for your many articles exposing the fraudulent 
nature of the War on Drugs and the overzealous approach to the problem of 
drunk driving. After receiving a DUI in 1999, I am still ordered by Oregon 
to continue drug testing after three years. I have never failed a UA 
(urinalysis) and have stopped smoking for three years. The only violation I 
have committed is not paying ridiculous fines. We need more people to speak 
their minds rather than grin and bear it. I just wonder how many more 
people's lives have to be ruined before someone in a position of power 
notices or even cares! In closing, I'm with you guys: This shit has got to go.

M. Alberts/Eugene, Ore.
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