Pubdate: Wed,  7 Aug 2002
Source: Haleakala Times (HI)
Contact:  2002 Haleakala Times
Author: Michele Bajan
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Dear Editor,

How can we trust or believe that a ruler who is increasing his family
fortune through pharmaceutical and oil investments is actually working in
the best interests of the people, when our best interests would cost his
family and friends billions of dollars?

What is in our best interest is to start to preserve our planet and reduce
global warming. Terrorism cannot destroy all existence of life on Earth.
Burning fossil fuels is.

In our best interest, we would be encouraged to grow the only substance
known to man that can replace every paper, plastic and fossil fuel product.
That would save trees, stop acid rain, and reverse the Greenhouse Effect.
But, that would ruin his oil investments.

In our best interest, we would be encouraged to use a naturally grown
medicine that can be used to ease countless ailments, without causing
addiction or death. But, that would decrease his pharmaceutical profits.

What does it mean when the production and distribution of products is mostly
owned and controlled by the government? (Socialism)

In our best interest, all Cannabis would be legal so we could end needless
suffering, stop unjust imprisonment, and rejoice in the salvation of our
planet. But, that would take billions of dollars from the prison-building
and law enforcement funds needed to contain and control us.

What does it mean when one party of the government exercises dictatorial
control, like making up "wars" to declare and taking away citizens'
Constitutional Rights? (Totalitarianism)

This global warming and energy crisis demands that we rise above our selfish
financial desires. We, the people, must express a demand for Conservation
and Biomass fuels. Otherwise, the leaders of our nation have no intention to
make this change. In their best interests, they continue to involve us in
"wars" to secure control where there are enormous reserves of oil.

Oil is a waste produced by dead and decomposing prehistoric animals. It is
poisonous. It may be "Black Gold" for the wealthy elite profiting by
controlling our energy supply, but it is "Black Death" to us and our planet.

Thank you for printing letters that get people to think. 


Michele Bajan
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