Pubdate: Thu,  8 Aug 2002
Source: Oregonian, The (OR)
Copyright: 2002 The Oregonian
Author: Sally Hollemon
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The conclusion of your Aug. 5 editorial "The Stoudamire paradox" that Damon
Stoudamire's "sad and disturbing case is neither a plea for more prisons nor
a call for legalizing drugs" was disappointing.

Criminalizing drug possession and use was a well-intentioned effort to
reduce drug use, but, obviously, it hasn't worked. So, drugs should be
legalized, just as alcohol possession and use are legal.

However, when a person is caught committing a crime, such as robbery to
support a drug habit, treatment should be required as an alternative to jail
or in addition to jail. More treatment facilities are needed so that
everyone who needs help to end a drug addiction can get that help.

Sally Hollemon

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