Pubdate: Tue, 06 Aug 2002
Source: Leader-Herald, The (NY)
Copyright: 2002 - The Leader Herald
Author: Ina V. Stone Kurz


I am raffling a bong with much local support. Proceeds will be donated to 
RGL Volunteer Fire Company on Aug. 10. It is a very beautiful 18-inch 
color-changing glass bong that I have named "The Twin Towers." Retail value 
is $100, and I have collected more than the bong is worth.

Donations have come from people who choose to smoke. I want to send a 
message that pot smokers are not evil people but are from all walks of life 
that include health professionals, government officials, fire company 
members, police officers and our neighborhood neighbors.

Marijuana is just a plant, and people and politics make it evil ... or 
good. Marijuana smoking has beneficial health purposes.

People should examine the word "freedom." Archaic law should be changed in 
New York state with the repeal of the Rockefeller drug laws. Many states in 
our country have been decriminalized for smoking marijuana. Why not New 
York state?

I'm sure the winner of the bong will be a happy person, and the local fire 
company will be happy with the proceeds.

Ina V. Stone Kurz

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