Pubdate: Fri, 26 Jul 2002
Source: High Point Enterprise (NC)
Copyright: 2002 High Point (N.C.) Enterprise
Author: Asa Cooney


The destruction of millions of Americans' freedom is continuing at this 
very moment. Every year, millions of Americans are arrested for nonviolent 
drug offenses. On March 3, 2001, I became one of these people whom many 
officials only view as statistics. I did not injure anyone, I did not kill 
anyone, I did not cause any harm of any kind to anyone. Yet, I was 
persecuted. I was persecuted because I smoked marijuana, and the federal 
government does not like marijuana because it expands one's mind and makes 
one realize that we need to stand up for ourselves.

I and millions of other United States citizens are disgusted with the fact 
that local, state and federal governments feel they can persecute us 
because of something that we choose to put in our bodies. Tobacco is a 
plant from the earth, just like marijuana. Is it illegal? No! It is legal 
because of the millions of dollars that big tobacco companies spend on the 
political campaigns of politicians. I am not suggesting that tobacco be 
illegal. I am simply pointing out the lunacy that occurs in this country 
year after year.

President Bush has admitted to having had a drinking problem in the past. I 
wonder how he would have felt if, whenever he had a drink, he was arrested. 
That doesn't make very much sense, does it? The only difference between 
marijuana and the president's former drug of choice is that alcohol is 
legal and marijuana is not.

What part of smoking marijuana is wrong? Is it using something from the 
earth? Certainly not. Nothing is wrong with using our natural resources in 
our everyday lives. Is it having a good time? That can't be it. There is 
nothing wrong with enjoying one's self. After all, our three most stressed 
rights are those of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Marijuana 
makes millions of people in the United States happy. Do you want to 
infringe on someone's right to happiness? Think about this next time you 
applaud drug arrest numbers in this country.


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