Pubdate: Thu, 25 Jul 2002
Source: Missoula Independent (MT)
Issue: Vol. 13,  No.   30
Copyright: 2002 Missoula Independent
Author: John  Masterson and Walter F.   Wouk
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Thank you, Jed Gottlieb, for your "Pee to Play" article on the recent 
Supreme Court ruling approving "urinate on demand" testing for high school 
students. The broad application of suspicionless drug testing does not bode 
well for a free society.

Of particular concern to NORML and organizations like it is that urine 
testing can detect traces of marijuana for 30+ days after use, much longer 
than cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, or alcohol-and obviously much longer 
than any impairment is present. This means that you can binge regularly on 
a dangerous cocktail of vodka, meth, and heroin, and not be too worried 
about drug testing, but smoke the occasional weekend joint and you could 
lose everything. Due to this fact, drug- testing programs may actually 
promote the use of these more dangerous drugs.

Of course we don't want school kids high on any substance. But drug 
testing, and particularly mass suspicionless drug testing, intrudes on 
intimate bodily privacy and creates a confrontational atmosphere of mistrust.

John  Masterson - Montana NORML

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Ten Commandments Of Freedom

Jed Gottleib's article, "Pee To Play" ["High Court clears path for broader 
drug testing," July 11-18, 2002] ignores the salient point that we are 
currently engaged in a war against terrorism, a war to defend "American 

The Bill of Rights are, for all intents and purposes, America's Ten 
Commandments of Freedom-the bedrock of this nation's value system. At this 
critical time in our history we should be encouraging our children to stand 
up for their rights-not surrender them.

Walter F.   Wouk

Director  - Thomas Paine Project

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