Pubdate: Mon, 22 Jul 2002
Source: Appleton Post-Crescent (WI)
Copyright: 2002 The Post-Crescent
Author: Gary Storck


Your July 6 editorial "AIDS reminds us that it never went away," drives 
home the message that we cannot afford to ignore this worldwide pandemic.

While the cocktail of anti-viral medications has shown promise in treating 
AIDS, it often wreaks such havoc on patients that they are unable to keep 
the medications and food down due to extreme nausea. There is a cheap and 
effective natural medicine available: marijuana that can help quell the 
nausea and wasting that are common to this illness.

Unfortunately, here in America, our failed war on drugs is causing this 
lifesaving treatment to be withheld from those who could benefit, by 
maintaining the prohibition of marijuana for medical use.

Here in Wisconsin, patients suffering from AIDS and the numerous other 
medical conditions for which marijuana has been shown to be an effective 
treatment were hoping that the Legislature would take action on a state 
medical marijuana bill, AB 715. But the GOP leadership bottled the bill up 
in committee, effectively killing it for this session, despite a 
Chamberlain Research poll that found more than 80 percent of Wisconsinites 
wanted a medical marijuana bill passed. Sponsors have promised to bring it 
back next session.

Of all the candidates for Wisconsin governor, only Libertarian Ed Thompson 
has been outspoken in support of legalizing this option for sick, disabled 
and dying Wisconsinites.

Withholding medicine from the sick and dying is immoral and un-American.

Let's elect Ed Thompson to be Wisconsin's next governor so AIDS and other 
patients no longer have to risk arrest and jail, or go without and suffer 
needlessly, if they and their physicians make the decision that marijuana 
can benefit them.

And Ed will also clean up the caucus scandal and budget meltdown that have 
made our once-progressive state one of the most corrupt in the nation.

Gary Storck,

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