Pubdate: Fri, 19 Jul 2002
Source: Manila Times (Philippines)
Copyright: The Manila Times 2000
Author: Steve Shamblen


Where there is marijuana prohibition, there is crime.  People do not 
commit  violent crimes when they are on marijuana.  The death penalty for 
marijuana  users is utterly barbaric.

The one and only answer to the drug problem is to end drug prohibition. 
Take  control of the drug market out of the hands of the current owners and 
allow  it to be regulated by laws that will establish a system of 
production,  manufacture and sale of marijuana products that will benefit 
all the people.

Regulation by laws in an established system would prevent  children from 
being exposed to criminal elements that now control the market and would 
ensure the sale of consumable marijuana to adults only.

Once people realize the truth, that a legal industry of marijuana and 
hemp  products can produce jobs for people stricken with poverty, tax 
income for  the government and profits for small and family businesses, 
then you will see  a reduction in poverty in the Philippines.

Do you really expect any person who sells marijuana to someone to be 
responsible for that person's actions? After living in the Philippines, I 
find  it sickening to believe that the people who I have come to know as 
so  compassionate and morally tolerant of other peoples lives would stoop 
so low  as to let their government run over them and declare that death is 
the only answer.

Steve Shamblen

San Antonio, Texas
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