Pubdate: Fri, 19 Jul 2002
Source: Decatur Daily (AL)
Copyright: 2002 The Decatur Daily


The Morgan County Substance Abuse Network is expanding Project I.D. program 
this year to reward more middle school youngsters who voluntarily get drug 

Students, with parental permission, volunteer for random testing and get a 
Project I.D. card that gives them discounts and bonuses from local businesses.

After a successful first year in Decatur's middle schools, the local Mental 
Health Association is offering the program in county schools when classes 
begin next month.

The program is an example of the many ways different groups attempt to 
reach students early in life, hoping to steer them away from illegal drugs.

Results of this year's Pride Survey, in which 101,882 students in 21 states 
volunteered to participate, show youths are indeed heeding the messages to 
stay away from drugs.

The survey shows that drug, alcohol and cigarette use among sixth- 
to-12th-graders are the lowest in years.

The survey suggests substance use is down because of more adult involvement 
in getting youngsters engaged in other activities.

All the results are not good. The survey registered no drop in sixth- 
through eighth-graders' use of cocaine, downers and heroin. Twelfth-graders 
use of cocaine, heroin and steroids remained the same.

Still, the survey found evidence that youngsters listen to grown-ups who 
tell them the bad side of smoking, drinking and taking drugs. That alone is 
encouragement to keep talking to them about the dangers of these substances.
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