Pubdate: Sat, 20 Jul 2002
Source: Marshfield News-Herald, The (WI)
Copyright: 2002 Gannett Wisconsin Newspapers


Editor: It is time for Wisconsin and the nation to follow the path of 
Western Europe and liberalize the drug laws and reform prison sentences. 
The U.S. possesses 4 percent of the world's population while incarcerating 
25 percent of the total prisoners in the world. Land of the Free, indeed. 
No more jingoist propaganda. The hard facts are based on annual rates: The 
U.S. wastes $50 billion on imprisonment, Wisconsin wastes $1 billion on 
imprisonment, the U.S. government wastes $20 billion on the failed "War on 
Drugs." Drug trafficking represents 8 percent of the world's trade, an 
untaxed and unregulated $400 billion annually. Drugs need to be legalized, 
regulated, and sold in designated locations.

Needle exchanges must be legalized to curb the transmission of HIV/AIDS 
between heroin users. This is a move, which former President Clinton 
recently regretted not making. When drugs are regulated, the state will be 
able to tax for revenue and customers will be ensured a safer product. 
Value and demand will decrease and narcotics will be extirpated from the 
hands of possibly violent and untrustworthy dealers. Wisconsin 
incarceration rates will decrease by at least 12 percent! That is a savings 
of at least $12 million per year that the state would hopefully allocate 
for justified expenditures, such as, health care, education, insurance 
coverage for poor, affordable housing, voluntary substance abuse treatment, 

It is time for a new broom in state and national politics. You must keep 
well informed on elected officials and issues facing the country! A small 
step would be to vote all Republicans out of office. Besides, vote as many 
unaccountable Democrats out too. Death to the two party system! Most 
politicians have proven themselves accountable to the Bourgeoisie 
capitalist swine only. They must go! Whenever possible, vote Green, 
Communist, or Socialist. These organizations will not limit liberty. They 
are responsible to the proletariat.

James Stevenson
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