Pubdate: Sat, 26 Jan 2002
Source: Idaho Statesman, The (ID)
Copyright: 2002 The Idaho Statesman
Author: Sean Peterson


The state budget is now $20 million more in the red. There is
frightening talk about laying off teachers at the local and state
level. The new construction on the Capitol appears to be coming to a
halt. I have a great idea, which would save Idaho millions of dollars

Hold your breath Idaho conservatives -- legalize marijuana. Over 10
million Americans have been arrested for simple, non-violent marijuana
possession since 1972. In fact, Ada County alone arrested 2,777 people
between 1995-97.

Let's assume half of those people were repeat offenders, which would
mean that they probably would have to spend a year in jail. At $23,000
a year to house an inmate, Ada County alone would have saved the
taxpayers almost $32 million in only three years. Prohibition didn't
work with alcohol; we have given marijuana 30 years, and "Just Say
No," just doesn't work.

Sean Peterson, Boise
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