Pubdate: Wed, 17 Jul 2002
Source: SF Weekly (CA)
Contact:  2002 New Times Inc
Author: Adam Wiggins


I thank you from the bottom of my heart for printing Dan Strachota's July 3
article ("You can dance if you want to -- well, no, you can't," Pop
Philosophy, on proposed, vaguely written laws holding rave and dance
promoters liable for drug use at their events). As a DJ and longtime member
of the rave/club scene, I am deeply disturbed by the federal, state, and
local government attempts to impose upon our freedom to assemble, dance, and
enjoy music. 

Raving is deeply spiritual for me, and it has affected my life in a thousand
positive ways. It certainly bothers me that older, more conservative people
don't recognize the value of our gatherings -- but to go so far as to try to
ban them? That's downright criminal. 

And the "There are drugs!" excuse is a weak one. There's more drug use per
capita at a rock concert than at any rave. No, the "rave crackdown" is
simply a knee-jerk reaction by people who don't understand this aspect of
modern culture, and fear it. Jazz events faced the same opposition at the
turn of the century, as did swing dancing, rock 'n' roll, and so on. Despite
the best efforts of conservatives in each time period, each type of music
survived and became important parts of our culture. Raves and electronic
music will do the same. 

Adam Wiggins

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