Pubdate: Tue, 16 Jul 2002
Source: Eastern Daily Press (UK)
Copyright: 2002, Archant Regional
Author: Peter Amey


I am one of those unlucky people who do not belong to any minority.

I am neither rich nor poor.  I am not a burden on anyone nor am I able to 
be excessively charitable.

I am not part of a racial minority.  I am heterosexual, married and have 
2.4 children!  being boringly average I am of no interest to civil service 
academics or political advisors.

As a result, I watch my rights and freedoms being steadily eroded.  I am no 
longer free to protect my property.  I have no rights as the victim of 
crime. I am losing my rights to discipline my kids and I am expected to 
subjugate my rights in favour of others' children.

I am losing my rights to enjoy my car.  My freedom to use public transport 
has nearly gone.  I have lost my right to save and receive a reasonable 
income.  My freedom to build a respectable pension is going.  I am also 
losing my freedom to know I am buying locally-produced food.

But the good news - I seem to have been given the freedom to smoke 
cannabis. Unfortunately, I don't - but I am fast being driven to it!

Peter Amey Church Road, Repps cum Bastwick, Norfolk
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