Pubdate: Sun, 14 Jul 2002
Source: Peak, The (CN BC)
Copyright: 2002 Peak Publications Society
Author: Wayne Phillips


Re: BC Culture: Please smoke pot before you read this article! (July 8)

There is an expression used in diplomacy for the recalling of rights that 
have lapsed for a long time; it is pro memoria!

I would like to commend Adrian Nieoczym for outstanding commentary. 
Adrian's chronicle depicting pot smokers gathering (at the art gallery) on 
Canada Day for a patriotic smoke-in illustrates the essence of the 
rationale for why cannabis should be sanctioned by the state - "we demand 
our lifestyle be legitimised as a legal consumer choice."

I would also like to commend the Peak for publishing it amid a sea of 
prohibitory contravention. It is one thing to criminalise an action for a 
valid reason; it is quite another to do so for no valid reason.

There is no valid reason to prohibit cannabis or to criminalise cannabis 
dealers, growers and users; there are sufficient valid reasons - the 
foremost being public safety and age of majority concerns - for 
legitimising the use, production and retailing of cannabis.

Wayne Phillips
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