Pubdate: Thu, 24 Jan 2002
Source: Valley Voice, The (CN BC)
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Author: Stan White
Note: Title by newshawk


Great idea, (Marijuana 101 at Selkirk) since often the medicines cannabis 
replaces are very expensive, with many side effects.  Even buying the 
pharmaceuticals from US companies supports terrorism, directed at cannabis 
and hemp consumers.

Society is responding to the many citizens using cannabis responsibly that 
are tired of the discriminatory government deceit directed toward them.

Biblically, medically, agriculturally, recreationally, economically, 
cannabis is a blessing.

"Nutrient war?" Hemp seed oil contains gamma linolenic acid, (GLA), 
responsible for a strong immune system and only available in five places on 
earth.  They include borage, primrose oil, black current seed oil, mothers' 
milk and hemp seed oil.  I have eaten hemp seed oil in my salads for three 
years for its benefits, to ward off cancers. Even then, hemp seed oil gives 
less than three per cent of our minimum daily requirements.  This is 
relevant, since America never before completely banned a grain crop, and 
has the planet's highest cancer rates.  If you eliminate GLA in the diet, 
does it raise the incidence of cancer?  If you were not nursed as a baby, 
you probably haven't consumed any GLA.

Safety?  In 1989 DEA administrative law Judge Francis L. Young concluded 
not only that marijuana's medical usefulness had been adequately 
demonstrated, but that the plant had been shown to be "one of the safest 
therapeutically active substances known to man."

Christ God gave us cannabis and put cannabinoid (THC) receptor sites in our 
brains: who prohibits man from making that connection?  Hint: check 1 
Timothy 4:1-5.

Stan White

Dillon, Co., USA
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