Pubdate: Tue, 09 Jul 2002
Source: Delta Democrat Times (MS)
Copyright: 2002 Delta Democrat Times
Author: Richard Sinnott


To the editor:

I recently read a column by Donald V. Adderton online, and thought it was 
very good.

It is quite persuasive, but it seems to me that Adderton blamed the wrong 
characters in his last sentence or two. He blames law enforcement for not 
making a response, which sounds like an exaggeration.

I live in Florida so I cannot accurately judge what happens in Mississippi. 
If they make no response there, it must be the only jurisdiction in the 
entire country that does not.

In any event, it is the legislative branch, not the police (executive) 
branch that is to blame for creating jobs, and presenting the opportunity 
for the criminal element to poison your community.

It is the legislative branch that has passed the laws creating the 
prohibition and black market that the criminal element thrives upon. It is 
the legislative branch that is obligated to remove that black market by the 
same method it created it - by legislation.

In this case, repeal of the foolish and harmful laws legislators have passed.

Admittedly, the law-enforcement community would suffer huge budget cuts if 
the prohibition ended, but there are many good and honest men who are tired 
of the foolishness, hypocrisy and deceit involved in the drug war.

I simply think Adderton is blaming the wrong party for not ending the 
influence of the criminal element that poisons our community.

Richard Sinnott,

Fort Pierce, Fla.
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