Pubdate: Tue,  9 Jul 2002
Source: Eastern Daily Press (UK)
Copyright: 2002, Archant Regional


A mother has hit out at drug users after her son was injured by a discarded 

Joshua Hughes, aged nine, was pricked with the syringe as he helped clear 
weeds from an alley behind public toilets at Louden Road, Cromer.

The boy has had to undergo repeated treatment since the accident.

"It's putting innocent children in danger," said his mum Janice.

"This has been a horrendous experience. It should never happen to anyone.

"It's not right for youngsters to be put in that kind of danger. They could 
catch all sorts of diseases."

North Norfolk MP Norman Lamb described the incident as "the horror that 
every parent fears".

He added: "The depressing reality is that the paraphernalia of drug addicts 
is around us. For any child to get into this situation is horrifying.

"And it reinforces the message that it's in every community."

Mr Lamb said there had been previous similar incidents inNorfolk.

"I believe needles have been found on playing fields in Norfolk," he said.

"We need to do all we can to educate people away from hard drugs."

Nick Manthorpe, spokesman for North Norfolk District Council, said items 
such as syringes were removed as soon as possible from public places.

This happened "whether they are found by one of our operatives or we are 
told about them by a member of the public".

He added: "Also, we will advise people how to dispose of them safely if 
they are found on private property."
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