Pubdate: Wed, 03 Jul 2002
Source: Baltimore Chronicle (MD)
Copyright: 2002 The Baltimore Chronicle and the Sentinel
Author: A. Robert Kaufman


According to a Baltimore Sun report (6-7-02), the Citizen's Planning and 
Housing Association believes that, "...the key to revising Baltimore's 
population making the city's neighborhoods more livable by 
providing shuttle bus service and local planning funds."

Although shuttle service is certainly a very good idea--in that it serves 
as a temporary bandage--it doesn't get to the root of the causes for a 
rapidly shrinking city. The true problems we need to deal with are poverty 
and the (incorrectly named) "War on Drugs."

This country, the richest in the world, could end poverty tomorrow if we 
would stop the corporate elite from taking such a large portion from the 
common till of labor produced wealth.

We could end the murders and most felonies and misdemeanors, dramatically 
lower HIV and VD, and save significantly on private and public "security" 
spending if we treated addiction as the medical problem it is.

Addicts should be able to go to a non-profit clinic and purchase, at 
nominal cost, their drug of choice--thus eliminating profit as a motive for 
violent behavior and preventing the conversion of new addicts.

The money saved could easily fund full treatment on demand in addition to a 
national jobs program, reminiscent of the WPA and CCC camp of the 1930's.

Cities could then once again become preferred places to live.

A. Robert Kaufman

Baltimore, MD 21216
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