Pubdate: Fri, 05 Jul 2002
Source: Edinburgh Evening News (UK)
Copyright: 2002 The Scotsman Publications Ltd
Author: David Macmillan


IN reply to W Arnot saying that the courts don't work hard enough at
keeping cannabis illegal and that the majority would like to see it
kept illegal (Letters, June 27).

How insolent can one be in telling the courts that they will have to
work harder?

It's got nothing to do with the number of cases they are getting
through, it's to do with the fact that people are waking up, becoming
more open-minded and educated on a subject that has previously been
shunned. All the courts are trying to do is free up resources to
convict rapists and murderers who, incidentally, often spend less time
in prison than drug offenders .

I therefore find W Arnot's comments offensive, as would the judicial
system . If we so proudly hail liberty then let's deliver real justice
for all.

David Macmillan,

Brixwold View, Bonnyrigg
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