Pubdate: Sat, 02 Jul 2002
Source: Ada Evening News, The (OK)
Copyright: 2002 The Ada Evening News
Author: Joyce Mashburn, Lifestyle Editor
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As Americans we despise any intrusion into our privacy, or government 
chipping away at our freedom and right to live without a big brother 
peering between the locked doors of our homes. But as parents and 
intelligent individuals, we also are aware of the tremendous drug problem 
in America. Unfortunately, our children are the target of drug dealers, and 
many public schools are the breeding grounds for the first contact with 
drug use.

The Supreme Court ruling to allow expanded use of random drug testing in 
public schools will certainly help schools with drug-use problems rid their 
campuses of illegal drugs and get needed help for children in the grip of 

Children who participate in competitive extracurricular activities and use 
drugs have an advantage over the kids depending on hard work and practice. 
The health and future of children using drugs is in certain danger of 
failure, but for a short time, pain-numbing drugs and steroids give the 
children a temporary advantage.

Many schools in Oklahoma will not pursue the random drug tests, but for 
some, this is the best news they could receive.

Tecumseh will reimplement the policy, Muskogee is considering the testing, 
but Tulsa has rejected it.

"Ada has tested for some time in the football program. We were watching the 
proceeding and will look at the court ruling for options in the future, 
should we need it," said Ada School Superintendent Zane Bowman

Perhaps, the next step is random testing of school employees and school faculty.
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