Pubdate: Tue, 02 Jul 2002
Source: Peak, The (CN BC)
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Author: James Steidle


Re: "Legalise it..." (Letters, June 24)

Actually, as much of a blatant lie or illusion it really is, the government 
and police often do list victory in the war on drugs as their objective. 
The drug policy of the RCMP, according to Tim Quigley, is to prevent drug 
use, both through education and supply eradication. Success in preventing 
drug use, he claims, is possible, but only if all our resources are 
coordinated to that end. D.A.R.E. Canada lists explicitly in its mission 
statement the goal of preventing drug use amongst school kids. Preambles to 
our drug laws are also focused on preventing and therefore eradicating drug 
use. If this goal wasn't explicit, there is no way drug laws would have the 
support or legitimacy they do.

The point that Myron Von Hollingsworth wanted to make is not that our 
leadership does not list victory as its goal in the drug war, but that the 
objective of victory serves as the false pretext for the continuation of 
money-wasting, witch-hunting and freedom-impinging policies of the worst 
kind. That victory in preventing and eliminating drug use is the stated 
goal of the drug warriors, even when this goal is completely unrealistic 
and cannot be further from the truth, must not be forgotten, as this fact 
demonstrates the extent that lies, hypocrisy and corruption have permeated 
our system.

James Steidle
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