Pubdate: Wed, 03 Jul 2002
Source: Detroit Free Press (MI)
Copyright: 2002 Detroit Free Press
Author: David Garner


Another Fourth of July is upon us. This, however, is a 4th like no other, 
and a time like no other -- at least in my slightly more than half century 
of experience. I will never feel again as I did before.

For me, it all started when the U.S. Supreme Court ordered the counting of 
the votes of my fellow citizens be stopped. Before we knew what hit us, 
Sept. 11 happened, and as tragic as that was, what has followed has been 
even worse.

National security and the threat of terrorism have been used as a political 
hammer to bludgeon the Constitution. There is more than enough blame to go 
around -- from the cynical way the White House has issued terrorist 
warnings at times that seem all too convenient for political cover; the 
rush by the people of both parties in Congress to sacrifice my freedom; the 
Supreme Court with the same predictable 5-4 vote saying jailing people in 
secret is OK, or that the children of America are presumed to be guilty and 
must prove their innocence with a drug test.

Generations of my family have sacrificed and fought for those freedoms, in 
war and peace, only to have them given away by a gaggle of chicken hawks 
now running the country.

David Garner

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