Pubdate: Thu, 24 Jan 2002
Source: Northwest Florida Daily News (FL)
Copyright: 2002 Northwest Florida Daily News
Author: Dave Michon,


Re: "Folly in Colombia" (editorial, Daily News, Jan. 16).

The U.S. taxpayer hands over 14 Black Hawk helicopters to Colombian
military personnel to go with the billions we've already poured down
that rathole. Meanwhile, the Drug Enforcement Administration is
joining the CIA in ridding Afghanistan of opium and heroin, eh? Well,
we must have this drug thing just about licked!

Now all we have to do is post a DEA man 24/7 for every acre of the
country so it all doesn't come blooming up next spring! Oh, yeah, and
on all the trillions of other acres on which the stuff grows like
wildfire. And lock up every chemical that can go into making bathtub
synthetics like methamphetamine.

Good value for our tax dollars, that Drug War. A blank check is a
terrible thing to waste!

Eau Claire, Wis.
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