Pubdate: Mon, 24 Jun 2002
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. I have been told that someone who has used marijuana even once in his 
lifetime would not be qualified to serve in the FBI. Is that true?

Not necessarily.

As the FBI's official Web site explains, the agency "does not condone any 
prior unlawful drug use by applicants. The FBI realizes, however, some 
otherwise qualified applicants may have used drugs at some point in their 

The Web site lists the following set of criteria for determining whether 
any prior drug use makes an applicant unsuitable for employment:

. An applicant who has used any illegal drug while employed in any law 
enforcement or prosecutorial position, or while employed in a position 
which carries a high level of responsibility or public trust;

. An applicant who is discovered to have misrepresented his/her drug 
history in completing the application;

. An applicant who has sold any illegal drug for profit at any time;

. An applicant who has used any illegal drug (including anabolic steroids 
after February 27, 1991), other than marijuana, within the last 10 years or 
more than five times in one's life;

. An applicant who has used marijuana within the last three years or more 
than a total of 15 times.

In South Carolina, you can call (803) 551-4200 to get an application for an 
agent's position or any other FBI position.
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