Pubdate: Mon, 17 Jun 2002
Source: Clearwater Times (CN BC)
Copyright: 2002 Clearwater Times
Author: Joyce Easson
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Editor, The Times:

I am writing this letter in response to "Monitor the Partying" in the May 
27 issue of this paper. As a parent of two teenagers in Clearwater, I took 
a great deal of offense to the implications of this letter.

Although the words "some parents" were mentioned, I feel that it was 
directed to "all parents."

I am neither ignorant or willfully blind to the consequences of drugs and 
alcohol, and I know that I speak for many parents when I say that there is 
a definite line between condoning an action and being realistic to a lifestyle.

Some teenagers drink and/or do drugs. Always have, always will.

Although it is not legal, let's not be hypocrites and say that we weren't 
there at one time too.

I know that my children occasionally drink and although I don't approve of 
this, I don't feel that locking them up until they are 19 is going to solve 
any problems.

Teaching them now to be responsible instead, may save their lives when they 
are adults and out of our homes.

I know for a fact that the majority of our "partying teenagers" have 
designated drivers arranged, or they plan to stay over night at parties. I 
am proud to know many of these teens, as I feel that they act much more 
mature and respectful than my generation did.

I am tired of hearing that "it must have been teenagers."

So often the problems here originate with the 20 to 30-year-olds who hang 
out at bars, then go looking for parties - or trouble, i.e. vandalism, 
fighting, burglary.

Perhaps if more of the known trouble makers were watched crime would go 
back down in this area.

Time spent harassing designated drivers, pulling over "N" drivers "just 
because" and shutting down controlled house parties could certainly be 
spent in more justifiable ways, i.e. cocaine trafficking.

Why force our teens to take their parties elsewhere? Because they will? Why 
not let them have safe parties with designated drivers and adult supervision.

Set up roadblocks for sure, to catch the odd few who still think they can 

Why can't we help our kids to behave responsibly by being realistic and 
helping the situation rather than pretending it is not there, hoping that 
if the police keep shutting it down, it will 'go away."

I always know where my kids are and who they are with.

But I don't fool myself into thinking that I know what they are doing each 
moment, day and night.

I can only hope that through open communication and guidance my children 
will become responsible adults.

Joyce Easson

Clearwater, B.C.
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