Pubdate: Mon, 10 Jun 2002
Source: Maui News, The (HI)
Section: Viewpoint
Copyright: 2002 The Maui News
Author: Roger Christie
Note: Roger Christie has been a resident of Hilo and a cannabis hemp 
liberation activist since 1986. He created the Marijuana Political Action 
Committee in 1987, co-founded the Hawaii Hemp Council in 1990, the Hawaiian 
Hemp Company in 1991 and created  THC, The Hawaii Cannabis Ministry in 
2000. He has regularly made speeches and appearances on Maui.
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The time of accountability for Hawaii's 'marijuana eradication program' has 
come. Horrible social, economic and environmental damage have grown for 
decades on the manure of prohibitionist media and journalism, DARE 
misinformation, police propaganda and the lack of a 'mandatory program 
review.' It's time to take a good, hard look at what's going on here, and 
repair it now for our healthy and prosperous future.

Reported and many more unreported incidents of heavily armed and violent, 
ninja-clad robbers looking for 'medical marijuana,' Forbes magazine 
declaring doing business in Hawaii is akin to 'economic suicide,' statewide 
poverty, the 'ice' epidemic, poisoned gardens, post-traumatic stress 
disorder from a terrorized rural populace, the exodus from here to anywhere 
- - all of these and more are examples of unintended consequences of the 
state's marijuana eradication program, now in its 30th year.

An independent and critical 'mandatory program review,' as required by the 
Hawaii County Charter, Section 3-16 every four years and never done, would 
help identify the root cause of these problems and hold the responsible 
parties accountable - at least on the Big Island.

The state's marijuana eradication program acts like an artificial 
price-support and endorsement for crime, hard-drug and alcohol abuse and 
other antisocial behavior. The pharmacratic inquisition has been an age-old 
battle to deny a traditional sacrament and natural herbal remedy and to 
replace it with (fill in the blank) for someone else's benefit.

Prohibition-minded lawmakers, law enforcers, lawyers, media people and 
others just might be the cause of the state's biggest crime wave. How can 
we the people find out? We need a mandatory program review of the marijuana 
eradication program to prove it, or not. It's the unenforced law in Hawaii 
County, and should be the enforced law statewide.

The marijuana eradication program - also known as Green Harvest - is a 
creeping para-military war on civilians and curious children and an excuse 
to spy on inhabitants by the agencies and agents we hire to protect us from 
that very behavior. The program is domestic terrorism disguised as law, 
paid for by duped taxpayers and lobbied for by police departments that 
financially benefit directly from it.

Like early Christians who were forged by persecution, cannabis enjoyers 
worldwide are building a faith in the healing and sacramental qualities of 
this miraculous herb. The very word 'Christ' means anointed, with cannabis, 
or kaneh bosm, and other herbs in olive oil, according to a specific recipe 
given to Moses in the Torah, or Old Testament. See for details. For details on the rich 
history of cannabis hemp in Shinto, see

I know that with the light of a mandatory program review shining on the 
darkness of our 30-year war called the marijuana eradication program, all 
the inhabitants of Hawaii will find healing and forgiveness and return to 
the conditions of harmony and abundance that nature and divinity will have 
entitled us.
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