Pubdate: Wed, 19 Jun 2002
Source: Mississauga News (CN ON)
Copyright: The Mississauga News 2002
Author: Wayne Phillips


Dear Editor:

As a cannabis advocate with a number of published letters in papers across 
Canada, I am dismayed by the fact that Gabriel Harkins in his letter 
objects to the publishing of letters from individuals who do not reside in 

That dismay however, slips into incredulity when he states, "if The News is 
so starved for editorial content that it has to print letters from outside 
Mississauga, let me know." This is laughable; unless of course Mississauga 
stems from some embryonic cocoon separate and distinct from the rest of 
Canada! Not.

Gabriel Harkins fulmination of Allen Randell's letter, is another matter; 
decorum is obviously a condition of little significance to Mr. Harkins.

The decriminalization of simple possession of cannabis, in, of and by 
itself, would simply establish a system of ticketing that would rise 
exponentially based on any increased volume (of those) ticketed. Fines 
ultimately could still lead to incarceration, either because of failure to 
pay or the number of times caught. The decriminalization of simple 
possession of cannabis would not address the multitude of problems inherent 
with prohibition.

Wayne Phillips

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