Pubdate: Tue, 18 Jun 2002
Source: Times, The (LA)
Copyright: 2002 The Times
Author: Micheal Moore


Micheal Moore


Re: June 13 letter by Rick Porter titled "Nation would be unwise to 
legalize illicit drugs."

I just had to add my 2 cents' worth regarding this letter and the June 9 
letter by Alan Randell. Many would consider Randell an ultra liberal due to 
his stance on the legalization of drug use. I side with Randell. Porter, on 
the other hand, would be considered a "moderate" conservative since he 
expounds his belief of the "evils" of drug use.

What I find interesting from the conservatives' side is their failure to 
recognize the harm done to individuals incarcerated for nonviolent drug 
offenses. These particular men and women are being punished for what 
essentially is a victimless crime. To that, the conservatives would respond 
by saying, "but their drug use feeds the drug cartels, thus enabling a 
cycle of violence."

This violence is not caused by drug use but by a government that creates an 
atmosphere for which the dealers jockey for higher positions with a 
"commodity" that should be governmentally licensed. The drug user's crime 
is a personal one. If the government would just begin regulating the sale 
of these illegal narcotics, thus reducing or even illuminating the need for 
these underground cartels, we would see a major reduction in drug-related 

As for whether the legalization of drugs would cause more people to start 
using drugs, I ask: "Would you, being of sound mind and body, start using 
any of these drugs simply because they became legal, knowing the physical 
harm caused by their use?"

I didn't think so.
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