Pubdate: Fri, 14 Jun 2002
Source: Scarborough Mirror, The (CN ON)
Copyright: 2002 The Scarborough Mirror
Author: Wayne Phillips
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Re: 'Police seize $3.5 million in marijuana,' News, June 5.

Lost amid the barrage of grow-ops, raids remains the fact that prohibition 
vitalizes the black market because it enriches organized crime.

It is incomprehensible why any government -- who could take effective 
measures to remove the profit factor from grow operations by either 
reclassifying cannabis or removing it from the Controled Drug and 
Substances Act entirely -- doesn't.

Some would have you believe that if the government moves in the direction 
of a liberal cannabis initiative, it will send out a message that it 
condones its use.

It will not; government will simply be recognizing there are more effective 
means it is prepared to initiate to better cope with the reality of 
cannabis usage in contemporary society.

Wayne Phillips
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