Pubdate: Fri, 14 Jun 2002
Source: Standard, The (St. Catharines, CN ON)
Copyright: 2002, The Standard
Author: Wayne Phillips


Regarding your May 31 story Police step up war against underworld:

While forces around Golden Horseshoe create a new unit to fight organized 
crime, it is rash to believe that is the most feasible or effective way of 
taking on those groups.

Consider the following:

The number of cannabis grow operations has, by police admission, been 
rising exponentially; so too has the rate of hydro theft and faulty grow 
operations, as police also attest.

Both place a financial strain on society, but more significant is the fact 
that government has essentially created and nurtured an environment 
conducive to that increase. Government has no regard for the consequences 
- -- the potentially life-threatening situation that faulty grow ops pose to 
the public, including unwary firefighters, hydro workers and police.

When government tries to legislate morality, it fails.

To create an environment for no significant purpose other than to appease 
moralist appetites and a U.S. agenda doesn't make sense.

Every commissioned study to date speaks of the relative harmlessness of 
cannabis when compared to alcohol and tobacco. Why criminalize marijuana 
when alcohol and tobacco are legal? Why stigmatize the behaviour and 
choices of a significant portion of the public for subscribing to the 
lesser of the "evils" available?

If cannabis were to be regulated by government, it would result in a 
revenue windfall and eliminate any reason for turning residential 
properties into lucrative agricultural enterprises.

Wayne Phillips

King Street East

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