Pubdate: Thu, 13 Jun 2002
Source: Eastern Daily Press (UK)
Copyright: 2002, Archant Regional
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A police constable is facing disciplinary action after being convicted of 
possessing cannabis.

Cambridgeshire PC Rebecca Waldock, 28, was given a 12-month conditional 
discharge and told to pay UKP765  costs at Luton Crown Court last week 
after admitting possessing 17.5g of cannabis resin.

Last night a police spokesman said senior officers had ruled that Waldock 
would remain suspended until they had decided on appropriate disciplinary 

Waldock, of March, argued that under the provisions of the Human Rights Act 
she had been discriminated against because she had been charged with 
possession and not cautioned, like most first time offenders.

But she changed her plea to guilty after a judge ruled that a caution would 
have been a private sanction and the public had aright to know if officers 
consumed cannabis.

The court was told that Waldock had used cannabis at university and 
supported its legalisation.  She had paid UKP45 for the drug.

She told police she used it after becoming stressed at work.
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