Pubdate: Fri, 14 Jun 2002
Source: Home News Tribune (NJ)
Copyright: 2002 Home News Tribune
Author: James J. Hauck


Six months ago my son was on the verge of self-destruction. Seriously 
addicted to illegal drugs, I feared for his life.

As a result of this and some other poor choices, he was incarcerated at the 
Middlesex County Adult Correction Center. After a period of withdrawal, he 
was admitted to the relatively new Adult Substance Abuse Program, or ASAP. 
This program was jointly developed by Warden Michael Abode and the 
Middlesex County courts.

At a time when many police and other government agencies seem to be out of 
control, it was comforting to see that my son was treated with respect and 
dignity by the jail staff at Middlesex County.

Not once was he mistreated or abused. Never was he denied medical 
treatment, proper nutrition or contact with his family or the outside world.

Through proper nutrition and medical attention, his health improved to a 
degree I have not seen in him in many years.

It has been said that to punish a man is to injure him, and men are not 
improved by injuries. However, to correct a man need not be injurious and 
can improve him. This is exactly what corrections in the Department of 
Corrections stands for.

As a result of counseling and other services provided by ASAP and the staff 
at the corrections institute, I believe my son now has the opportunity to 
stay off drugs and lead a productive life as a member of the community.

I believe Abode should be commended, as should the fine staff he oversees. 
They provide a great service not only to those inmates needing help helping 
themselves, but to the public and community as well.

James J. Hauck

East Windsor
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