Pubdate: Tue, 15 Jan 2002
Source: Fayetteville Observer-Times (NC)
Copyright: 2002 Fayetteville Observer-Times
Author: Russ Olenick


All right now, Mr. Bush. You say drug addicts support terrorism. I say oil 
addicts do.

In truth, we are a nation of addicts from chocolate to coffee and tobacco 
to countless pill companies (who push their products through corporate 
advertisements.) You say close our borders. I say we are America. We fear 
only God, our creator, who founded this country with the influx of immigrants.

America needs to remain open and honor Miss Liberty's pledge. Have you ever 
read her solemn promise? Do you comprehend it?

America cannot be sold unity! We are either united or divided. The drug war 
is a miserable failure. Release all non-violent drug offenders. Reverse 
mandatory minimums. Encourage citizens to vote. It's time to vote your kind 
out, Republican or Democrat. Both parties blindly argue over non-issues, 
and the roots, the sturdy trunk and branches, the people, are parched, 
while only the top of the tree flourishes.

Big brother: three balls, two strikes, but no worry. Little brother is on 
deck. Don't throw the ball game!

Russ Olenick
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