Pubdate: Mon, 14 Jan 2002
Source: Racine Journal Times, The (WI)
Copyright: 2002, The Racine Journal Times


All across America, in the land of the free, good hard-working individuals 
who are dedicated to their jobs are being fired because of discrimination. 
One local icon being Dan Lyons of Racine.

I read an article in the Dec. 17 Journal Times about Lyons being fired from 
his job for using marijuana as a pain reliever. He has a very bad back and 
one bum leg. Legal medication seems to do more harm than good, but 
marijuana does wonders without knocking you out at work without concentration.

Now, we all know the facts about marijuana. Some of us just refuse to 
acknowledge what is said to be true. One of many educated dummies just so 
happens to be the ignorant Supreme Court.

Now, we all know that marijuana is no more addictive than sugar, caffeine 
or sex. In fact, to my knowledge, some pain relievers eat away at your 
liver like alcohol and are more addictive than anything because the pain 
doesn't go away.

I mean, people are in pain and also in need of their liver. People are out 
there suffering and fighting for a right we had yesterday. The Bill of 
Rights is like America's 10 commandments, and the free can't even exercise 
their fourth and favorite right. It shouldn't just be legal for medical 
purposes -- it should be legal for all. I guess the war on drugs is just an 
industry to make a quick billion. Bring it into the country, sell it off 
and then prosecute the guy on the other end.

Don Lyons, we all feel your pain and we are with you all the way. It's just 
a shame that people like us are discriminated against every day. It's like 
we are the ones who are evil. All I can say is, Socrates was right. "There 
is only one good, knowledge, and only one evil, ignorance." I wish you well.

Zach Wilde

2620 Blaine Ave.
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