Pubdate: Fri, 04 Jan 2002
Source: Racine Journal Times, The (WI)
Copyright: 2002, The Racine Journal Times
Author: Gerald M. Sutliff

Reefer Madness Mentality

Regarding, "Medicial Marijuana Bill Deserves Honest Look." (Dec 19, 2001):
Kudos for the fine sentiments but it's marijuana itself that deserves an
"honest look." Actually there have been a number of clear-eyed looks over
the decades, all have been ignored because the evidence has refuted the
"Reefer Madness" sentiments of the body politic.

Also, you ask, "Who better to make (the) determination (how the medication
should delivered) than a doctor? My reply is the question, why not the
patient and the doctor working together without interference from power
hunger bureaucrats?

Gerald M. Sutliff

Oakland, Cal.
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