Pubdate: Mon, 07 Jan 2002
Source: Orange County Register (CA)
Copyright: 2002 The Orange County Register
Author:  Bill Lockyer
Note: Mr. Lockyer is California's attorney general.
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As a devoted reader of your editorials, please forgive me for being 
confused about your views after reading the very strange commentary that 
ran in your paper last week ["Attorney general is breaking state law," 
Opinion, Dec. 28]. Your editorial first criticizes me for not prosecuting a 
handful of local agencies who you blithely accuse, without any supporting 
evidence, of violating the state's anti-affirmative action law, Proposition 

That law makes no mention of the attorney general, but it does specifically 
authorize any group or individual with evidence that a government agency is 
breaking the law to bring suit to stop it. The Pacific Legal Foundation and 
other interested groups have done this and the system seems to be working 
just fine.

Next, you scold me for enforcing state and federal anti-trust laws in the 
Microsoft lawsuit. I will continue to work for a fair and enforceable 
settlement of the case. Finally, you chastise me for enforcing the state 
law that prohibits use of hallucinogenic mushrooms, possibly because you 
think it's all right for medical marijuana advocates to possess and use 
this dangerous drug.

To summarize: You want me to stop enforcing state drug laws and laws that 
protect California businesses and consumers, but you want me to increase 
enforcement of another law the Pacific Legal Foundation and other private 
parties are specifically empowered to enforce on their own. You were right 
in stating the attorney general isn't elected to decide which laws deserve 
to be enforced. But neither was the Register.

Bill Lockyer, Sacramento
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