Pubdate: Mon,  7 Jan 2002
Source: Bluefield Daily Telegraph (WV)
Copyright: 2002 Bluefield Daily Telegraph
Author: William Smith


I am writing in response to the recently formed YES project, as reported in 
the Daily Telgraph. Finally, a program with real hope. In today's world 
with both parents having to work, kids need something to do. Nothing is 
better than a community coming together to fix the things our government 
has forgotten. Not that the government does not have the kids best interest 
at heart, but burdensome restriction always accompany the money.

Limits on participant totals, drug testing, and social popularity can deter 
some would be participants. Although I am an advocate for ending 
prohibition, I do not condone childhood drug use. Providing activities for 
all who would choose, rather that excluding some undesirables, is a 
superior plan. Keep the children busy, so they don't find time for drugs.

Parents do not have time to follow their children around, as our government 
is now suggesting. Through our moral struggle to prohibit drug use, we are 
now spending every last tax dollars on a system that just doesn't work.

The reality is that drugs are still available on every street corner, in 
every city in America. Until our government actually controls these harmful 
drugs, and places age restrictions on use, we as communities will need to 
protect the children.

Despite jailing all those people, staging commando raids in the night, and 
shooting drug dealers and innocent citizens alike, drugs are more prevalent 
than ever. I worry about my children, and wish we had such a program in my 

Perhaps our government is right. We as parents need to wake up, take 
charge, and fix this ourselves. Is it time for a new plan, or just new 

William Smith

Columbia, Tenn.
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