Pubdate: Tue, 25 Dec 2001
Source: Arcata Eye (US CA)
Copyright: 2002, Arcata Eye
Author: Tommie Offord
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To use Sheriff Dennis Lewis's name in any comparison to ex-Arcata Police
Chief Mel Brown is as redundant a comparison as George W. Bush would be to
President Abraham Lincoln.

Now if one would compare Lewis's stances with that of Dubya's, then maybe
some sense could be made.

No one, in his political stature in this county, has fought harder against
Prop 215, (compassionate use) put up more barriers disagreeing with almost
all suggestions about how to implement 215 based on his own ignorant "bubba"

C.A.M.P. was created before he took office however this didn't stop him in
his never ending quest to find those notorious gardens of pot.

Maybe 15 years ago, that was the Sheriff's priority, but in the year of 2001
and several years before that methamphetamine labs dominated the rural areas
of the county, leaving behind biohazardous wastes and raising crime levels
to an all-time high.

Selective memory, Mr. Mack is not even worth the effort it took to compose
your letter.

When applying for the county's Prop 215 I.D. card there exists a box
instructing the applicant to place a check mark if the applicant wants
Sheriff Lewis (by name) to receive any information about the applicant. I'm
sure you can guess how many people chose to check this box. 

Tommie Offord

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