Pubdate: Mon, 31 Dec 2001
Source: Dispatch, The (NC)
Copyright: 2001, The Lexington Dispatch
Author: William Smith



Editor: I am writing in response to all the recent news articles concerning 
those unfortunate deputies. I read the news on a Web site called the "Media 
Awareness Project" (MAP). This site is updated at real time, with real news 
articles, placing it right on the front line of the drug war.

The drug business, unlike the drug war, does not discriminate. Anyone can 
join, cops and kids alike. Just like prohibition of alcohol before it, drug 
prohibition creates its own crime. Through our desire for moral purity, we 
are destroying all that is good. No one is perfect, but you would think 
some were, with the decade of prison time we are now imposing.

Despite our good intentions, and all of our money spent, this war has made 
things even worse. It would be different if our children were actually 
prevented from drugs, but that's just not the case. And jailing half a 
million non-violent Americans so far, although helping to elect 
politicians, has not changed anything at all.

Perhaps we need a new plan, or new planners. Legalization, although not as 
popular as repression, would eliminate this crime, and perhaps the underage 
usage as well.

William Smith

Columbia, Tenn.
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