Pubdate: Fri, 24 May 2002
Source: Clarksdale Press Register (MS)
Copyright: 2002, Clarksdale Press Register
Author: James Jennings


The helicopters hovering over the city Thursday night told the story - law 
enforcement was on the move.

Officers set up road blocks throughout the area targeting drug and gun 

"This was another part of the cooperation and networking of local, state 
and federal law enforcement agencies," said Police Chief Steve Bingham. "We 
don't have a count yet, but there were a fairly large number of violations."

According to Bingham, four arrests were made.

The road blocks included officers from the Clarksdale Police Department, 
Coahoma County Sheriff's Department, Mississippi Highway Patrol, 
Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, 
U.S. Marshal's Service and Drug Enforcement Administration.

Bingham said he understands some people may see the road blocks as a form 
of harassment, but pointed out former New York City Mayor Rudolph 
Guiliani's success in reducing the crime rate there was to target any and 
all violations.

"It may inconvenience people by stopping them," Bingham said. "But it 
brings everybody under compliance and catches people with guns or 
drugs.  You have to ask 'What was he doing with that gun and where was he 
going with that gun?'"

He hinted there will be more road blocks in the future, as well as other 
"surprises" coming up. "We're through playing now," Bingham warned. "We 
mean business."
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