Pubdate: Fri, 01 Jun 2001
Source: Dallas Morning News (TX)
Copyright: 2001 The Dallas Morning News
Author: Debby Moore
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Re: "Drug war orphans just collateral damage," Letters, May 29.

A number of years ago, I was a victim of a situation described in the 
article by Jimmy Green. I was sitting on the floor in front of the 
door working on an art project. My daughter, an honor high school 
student, was sitting upstairs studying. Only the two of us had lived 
in the residence for a number of years.

In less than 60 seconds, a ram came through the door, and I was on 
the floor with a foot behind my head as it was ground into the floor 
with a gun pointed and touching my skull. I heard the officer, five 
feet away, with a gun pointed up the stairwell, command that anyone 
upstairs had three seconds to come down before he opened fire. I 
heard my daughter descend the stairwell in three steps.

I begged that the looting officers please leave enough money for my 
daughter to eat lunch at school the next day. Of course they refused.

I also witnessed the officers engage in a coin toss as to whether 
they were going to seize personal clothing, a number of books and the 
like. We lost the toss.

A year later the case was thrown out of court because law enforcement 
had destroyed my life with a search warrant with the address of the 
house next door. Regarding my daughter and my complaint concerning 
the "coin toss," we were unable to identify the individuals for all 
the officers had their identity hidden behind black masks and kept 
their heads covered at all times.

Thank you for allowing me to vent another view.

DEBBY MOORE, Wichita, Kan.
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