Pubdate: Wed, 30 May 2001
Source: Star-Ledger (NJ)
Copyright: 2001 Newark Morning Ledger Co
Author: Winifred Rock, Phillipsburg


I found David Evans' May 21 letter, "Medical marijuana hoax," laughable. 
Doctors are allowed, by law, to prescribe much more dangerous drugs for 
their patients. And maybe the American Medical Association and other groups 
have rejected marijuana as a medicine, but I find 26 organizations that 
endorse marijuana as a medicine at:

And why does Evans mention schoolchildren? Many schoolchildren are on 
Ritalin, and according to the Drug Enforcement Administration, that drug 
has effects similar to cocaine and amphetamines.

The over 60-year prohibition of marijuana in the United States, affecting 
even the ill in our "free society," is a shame and a hypocrisy! And how can 
I respect the Supreme Court decision when marijuana is still grouped with 
heroin, LSD and methaqualone?

One more thing: If marijuana is no good for medical purposes, why is 
alcohol still legal?
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